Thank You for 2 Wonderful Years!

We celebrated our 2nd anniversary this weekend with special pricing, book signings, raffles & refreshments. Our visitors were very curious about the books our authors had written and engaged the authors to learn more. We had 14 raffle winners for many items including scarves, mugs, music, books, bird feeders, jewelry... The carrot cake from our neighbors at Provincial restaurant was a big hit as were the Mimosas on Sunday.

Leading up to this anniversary, we have been seeking out new artists and new creations. As a result, Cocoon Gallery now represents over 60 local master artisans. Some of our newest artists are providing us with glass earrings, DIY kits, blown glass tumblers and vases, books, greeting cards and more. Plus, our current artists are always creating something new. I hope the variety of creations, mediums, and styles will provide you with the perfect one of a kind item for your gift giving needs and for your own enjoyment every time you visit Cocoon.

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