The Hearts & the Art of Men

The Hearts & the Art of Men

Book Signing & Artist Demonstrations

Finally Friday, June 30 6pm - 9pm

at Cocoon Gallery

Let's celebrate all men as we end Father's Day month with a book signing and demonstrations by local artists. This is part of the Historic Downtown Apex Finally Friday event.

Meet the Author/Book Signing of “Listening into the Hearts of Men”

Author Marilyn Shannon will be here to share her insights and sign the first book in this "In Just One Afternoon" series. Marilyn wants to encourage people from all over the world and from all walks of life to deeply listen. When we listen to ourselves and then to others, life makes more sense. Through her books, business and life coaching, training's, and the stories and ideas that are shared, Marilyn goes deep with us to create on a personal level and on a global level a culture of strength, peace, transparency, and understanding.

Meet the Artist/Demonstrations

Bob Batura Bob is a professional furniture designer and builder living and working in Raleigh, NC. His experience and craftsmanship in fine furniture and custom cabinetry spans the past 45 years. Many of Bob's furniture and accent pieces are constructed from the local harvest of standing, fallen or rotting timber. He has some of the finest burls and figured woods Mother Nature has to offer. He treasures the process of revealing the true beauty of all raw wood materials from the earth to create furniture and cabinetry pieces that are artful as well as functional.

John Dinges For as long as he can remember, John has been dabbling in some form of handiwork/art: sketching, drawing, carving, weaving, crocheting, leather, and saddlery. He attributes the acquisition of this myriad of interests to his maternal grandfather who was always doing something with his hands. Today, wood is John’s primary medium and his work is greatly influenced by André Roubo (1739–1791) a Frenchman of considerable woodcraft persuasion. John believes that in his bookstands he creates a unique object d’art or sculptured accent piece having utility and elegance.

Jeff Clark Jeff became interested in woodworking and wood turning about 35 years ago. After moving to NC onto a wooded lot 11 years ago, he built a 1500 square foot shop including a second story with a parquet style floor of over a dozen woods. Jeff’s primary goal is to use domestic hardwoods, along with eastern red cedar, in accent and contrasting colors to create beautiful and useful items. He especially likes to include woods that contain spalting, fine figuring, & unusual grain characteristics. To date, he has not used stains or dyes and lets Mother Nature bring out the beauty of the wood with enhancement from the clear finish.

Steve Kelly After studying pottery at the University of Montana, in a region rich in ceramic tradition, Kelly apprenticed with a master potter in the hills of VA, where, in keeping with the ethos of traditional Asian ceramics, he spent thousands of hours creating vessels that both honor the humble nature of clay and transcend it. Kelly, who is also a painter and long-time admirer of the American street art and graffiti scene, honed his distinctive water-etching technique while living in Portland, Oregon. Currently living and working in North Carolina, Kelly's work continues to evolve. His designs and color palette, from the blues and grays of the Pacific NW to the beach-glass creams and celadons of Coastal Carolina, reflect his synthesis of American design traditions, and the rich and varied beauty of the country itself.

Finally Friday in Historic Downtown Apex Bring your lawn chairs and listen to live music in the Chamber of Commerce Depot parking lot. Have dinner at one of the fabulous restaurant choices in town. Stroll along Salem Street and stop in the many boutiques and galleries. Enjoy the events, specials, & refreshments of the individual venues. For more information about the businesses:, the music:

*Offering items created, purchased & used with joy & intention.*
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