Grand Opening

Saturday, April 8th - What an exciting and rewarding day! I've added a few images from the celebration. Thank you to my friends Mary Jane, Marian, Lesley, Marsha & Sharon for helping with the refreshments, photography and random issues. Thank you to Scott, my husband, for helping prepare the space and the business details, doing the most complicated and the most menial tasks over the past few months, and supporting me throughout the day. Thanks to all the artists that were able to attend, meet each other, and talk about their work. Looking forward to having all the artists visit from time to time. Thanks to all the well-wishers that were not able to attend in person but were with me from afar. The cake and cookies from Buttercream Bake Shop in Apex were beautiful and delicious. Everyone said they will no longer buy cake at a grocery store! Thank you to Angelina's Kitchen in Pittsboro for the Baklava. The Basket Tree florist in Apex created a beautiful centerpiece in the gallery's colors of white, green & brown. And thank you to those friends, family, neighbors, business associates and other visitors that joined in the celebration. For those that weren't able to attend, the gallery is open every day except Tuesday. There will be events in the future including Finally Fridays - the last Friday of every month from April - September. You can find gallery information and events by signing up for my newsletter or following the gallery on Facebook and Instagram -

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