Grand Opening

Saturday, April 8th - What an exciting and rewarding day! I've added a few images from the celebration. Thank you to my friends Mary Jane, Marian, Lesley, Marsha & Sharon for helping with the refreshments, photography and random issues. Thank you to Scott, my husband, for helping prepare the space and the business details, doing the most complicated and the most menial tasks over the past few months, and supporting me throughout the day. Thanks to all the artists that were able to attend, meet each other, and talk about their work. Looking forward to having all the artists visit from time to time. Thanks to all the well-wishers that were not able to attend in person but were with me fr

Creating Cocoon Gallery

Tomorrow is the conclusion of months of preparation and the beginning of a new chapter in my life as an artist. Over the years I have participated in festivals, been juried into art shows, showed my work in galleries, joined a cooperative gallery and served on its board, juried other artists into galleries and festivals, worked in community arts organizations and so on. Always in the back of my mind was the desire to open my own gallery. It took all these experiences as well as my design and business education to be able to make this dream a reality. When a space in Historic Downtown Apex became available in January I didn't hesitate. There was enough room to house a wide variety of artwork

Cocoon Gallery  
221 N. Salem St., Ste 100
Apex NC. 27502
*Offering items created, purchased & used with joy & intention.*
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